FlyBack Energy - Capture the Power

FlyBack Energy’s green technologies save energy costs in commercial and industrial applications through reduced energy consumption and decreased wear on equipment.  We have created breakthrough cost-effective electrical energy saving products. These dramatic energy and financial saving products will help your company meet its energy efficiency and sustainability goals, in industrial and commercial lighting projects, motor control, inverter applications and more.  Virtually any way you use electricity, we can help you do it for less.

FlyBack Energy Inc. will be demonstrated the intelligent Lighting Energy Saver (iLES) product line at LightFair 2012 (booth #6447). Patented and tested, the iLES products saves up to 50% in energy costs wherever magnetic ballasted lights (HID, metal halide, high pressure sodium and magnetic ballasted fluorescent) are installed.

Cost effective in both capital expense and operational costs, the iLES enables a rapid payback while the continuous linear variable dimming feature allows for precise lumen maintenance and greater control over energy savings.