For 125 years, there has been a persistent and seemingly unsolvable problem with energy: electromagnetic (heat) energy losses in inductive circuits and power conversion processes.  Today, expensive energy is still being wasted due to the uncontrolled electromagnetic collapse in inductive devices and processes.

Solving this energy-loss problem is one of the key elements of becoming energy-efficient.

The founders of FlyBack Energy, intrigued by this issue and its effects within their various positions within the electrical industry, dedicated time, money, and energy to solving the electromagnetic energy loss problem. They focused their research on completely controlling the rise and collapse of magnetic fields present in inductive circuits, equipment and processes. After years of methodical experimentation, the FlyBack Energy team created and patented practical breakthrough magnetic energy recovery (MER) technology.


With this patented technology, FlyBack Energy captures and recovers magnetic energy losses – and then inserts that otherwise wasted energy back into the power circuit. The MER® technology also mitigates problematic harmonic resonance, electromagnetic interference (EMI), excessive heat and other induction issues.

  • Captures electrical energy normally wasted as heat
  • Captured electrical energy is reinserted into the circuit
  • No “chopping” the current at high frequency
  • Improves harmonic resonance, EMI & heat issues

This exciting technology provides perfect control of induction and resistive devices, and power conversion processes between AC and DC electrical systems. FlyBack Energy solutions result in lower energy cost, cooler operating temperatures and longer useful life for lighting system components, transformers, motors and controllers.

Capturing Energy. Maximizing Efficiency.