Lighting Solutions

Save Energy

FlyBack Energy’s innovative intelligent Lighting Energy Saver (iLES) reduces energy costs in commercial and industrial lighting applications by utilizing innovative, reliable and patented technology. The L8000 improves energy efficiency and extends the life of expensive lights, resulting in dramatic and immediate financial savings. The L8000 utilizes patented power-management technology to reduce energy consumption, installation costs and produces energy-related cost savings by

  • Using MER technology to recover and reinsert energy currently wasted as heat
  • Lowering maintenance and associated costs
  • Increasing ballast efficiency
  • Reliably diming magnetic-ballast lamps down to 50% wattage
  • Allowing dimming using existing magnetic ballasts and lower wattage lamps
  • Simple circuit-level retrofit
  • Reducing heat, delaying lamp and ballast failures

to existing magnetic ballasted lighting systems with no changes to the lights or ballasts required. The L8000 lighting product is targeted to bring energy efficiency savings to thousands of building retrofit lighting projects as well as new building construction.

MER Technology

FlyBack Energy’s patented Magnetic Energy Recovery (MER) technology captures some of the electrical energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat, due to magnetic repulsive forces.

Captured electrical energy is reinserted into the circuit on the next half cycle and offsets the insertion power cost of the iLES.

This means the iLES can dim the lights to full NEMA specification.

The iLES uses patented technology to control current pulse-width modulation and maintain the current crest factor below 1.8, even when deeply dimmed.

Unlike other line voltage dimmers, the iLES does not “chop” the current at high frequency. The iLES uses line frequency switching resulting in miniscule harmonic distortion and low-gate temperatures in the IGBTs.

All of this combines in a product that is friendly to lamps (even old ones), the utility, and the surrounding electrical environment.

Feel free to ask us about our middle east case study with reputable third party validation showing accumulated energy savaging of 45% with a value of almost $8 Million, while simultaneously improving the power factor, reducing inrush peak draw, component wear, and total harmonic distortion of voltage.

Capturing Energy. Maximizing Efficiency.