FlyBack Energy’s DC Microgrid approach gives significant fuel consumption savings, and the technology is a building block system that can be scaled, customized, and adapted to nearly any need.

Load Efficiency

  • Motor inductive loads like air-conditioners and heat-pumps operate directly from DC power, and operate more electrically efficient and power controllable than with standard AC power operation.
  • Lighting systems, computers and consumer electronics can operate directly from DC electrical power at high electrical efficiencies.

Power Generation Efficiency

  • Permanent Magnet DC electrical power generators are inherently a minimum of 10% more fuel efficient than AC power generators at full load, and more than 20% more efficient at typical power levels.
  • AC generators have to spin at full speed to lock to the grid frequency and phase, even under light loads. DC generators do not have this constraint, so they can adjust their speed strictly based on the required output power, further improving fuel efficiency under partial load conditions, the dominant case.
  • FlyBack Energy DC generators & inverter combination is an industrial strength technology that is superior in fuel efficiency and adaptability compared to standard AC power generators.
  • Battery storage provides high electrical surge capacity as well as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capability.
  • DC generators can be downsized because surge and overload capacity are supplied from the batteries, not the DC generators. Smaller generators slash transportation and capital expense.
  • Batteries allow the DC generators to operate at their most efficient RPM irrespective of instantaneous load requirements.
  • Inverters/Generators are easier to integrate and phase together for multiple generator operation because AC cycles are electronically generated rather than mechanically generated.

Renewable Energy

  • Every Watt (99%) of DC Renewable Energy supplies is directed to the load, immediately reducing generator fuel consumption, and creating a “best use” case for renewable energy consumption, or the renewable energy can be efficiently stored for later use.
  • Photo voltaic panels and wind generators are more electrically efficient power sources when they are used as DC power supplies for a FlyBack Energy DC power system; rather than driving high-frequency switch-mode power conversion devices which are less efficient.

This system makes the best possible and most efficient use of renewable energy resources. The renewable energy goes directly to battery storage or directly to the load immediately reducing DC generator fuel consumption.  There are no grid-tie inverter losses or minimum output requirement for the renewable energy resources. Every watt generated by the renewable energy sources is used even at the lowest power output levels.

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